A fantastic buffer against salts, Humic Acid helps balance soil and attain maximum yeild potentials

Maximum yield potentials are not attainable without balanced soil and crop nutrition.  Healthy crops have a greater ability to defend themselves from disease, pests, and stress. One if the biggest issues that California farmers face is the increased salinity levels in their soils.  Humic acids are a fantastic buffer against salts that might be hindering a plants ability to thrive.  In soils that are high in salts or areas where high salinity issues may exist in irrigation water, applications of humic acids are a great choice.  Applications of humic acid can also help to buffer salts that may be present in some commonly used fertilizers such as UAN 32.  Other benefits of humic acid are:

  • Participates actively in the decomposition of soil forming rocks, minerals, and organic “new” soil formation
  • Can improve soil structure formation and aeration
  • Can change the physical properties of soil-water-holding-capacity
  • Can improve soil cation exchange capacity and buffering properties, which in turn improves nutrient availability
  • Increases the germination capacity of seeds
  • Root systems usually show greater development when humic acids are applied

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 What our customers are saying...

“I will admit I was skeptical at first and we tried MicroLife on a very limited trial basis. It was a stiff test and we used it on our toughest ground…Due to positive results we expanded the trials…We did a number of side-by-side tests…but always felt that MicroLife gave better results and as a result we achieved better vine vigor.”

- Kern County Table Grape Grower