With more product consistency and uniformity, Liquid Fertilizers allow you to target specific areas of your crop more precisely

Every responsible and successful fertilizer program begins with analyzing soil samples to understand your soils nutrient levels.  By working with the professionals at San Joaquin Fertilizer we can help you understand what’s going on in your soil and tailor a specific plan that will benefit your crops. With today’s advances in irrigation technology and the increased acreage of permanent and high-dollar crops liquid fertilizers have gained enormous popularity.  And with good reason.  Liquid fertilizers are much easier to apply to target specific areas through micro-irrigation.  Liquid fertilizer formulations offer more product consistency and uniformity of application than traditional granular, or “dry” fertilizers.  Liquid products can be applied directly near the root zone making them more readily available to your crops.  This helps to increase yields and your bottom line because some nutrients that may not be mobile in the soil are placed in an area where they can be utilized by the roots.  This gives you more “bang for your buck.”  Many soils and water tables in the central valley of California are high in salts and San Joaquin Fertilizer can offer our growers products that have a lower salt index so their salinity issues aren’t intensified.  

Some of the products we can offer are:

  • CAN 17
  • CAN+K
  • UAN32
  • 6-23-0
  • 7-24-0
  • Humic Acid

Please contact us today to learn more about the solutions that we can offer your operation. 

 What our customers are saying...

“MicroLife has been an invaluable tool for me over the years, helping my customers improve both their plant quality and plant production.”

- Ventura County Crop Consultant