An environmentally friendly product, Microlife can help promote beneficial microbial activity in the root zone increasing plant vigor and improving yields

A small focus can yield big results. MicroLife is a proprietary liquid formulation of specific ingredients offering great utilization on crops that are struggling to grow in soils with high nematode populations. MicroLife works well in all farming cultural practices for a host of great reasons. An application of MicroLife can help promote beneficial microbial activity in the root zone, which in turn can stimulate a healthier and larger root mass, increase plant vigor, and improve yields. MicroLife can be used on any trees, vines, row crops, turfs, and ornamentals. We all agree that worker safety and protection are the standard for all leaders in the agricultural industry. MicroLife is extremely safe for all handlers and applicators. Improved yield and worker safety are key reasons MicroLife is an excellent choice for farming leaders wanting to use environmentally friendly products to replace or compliment stronger chemical formulations that may pose obstacles in a good crop fertility program. MicroLife is a liquid auxiliary soil and plant substance and is distributed in 275 gallon IBC bulk containers, bulk fertilizer trailers, and truckloads.

 What our customers are saying...

“I will admit I was skeptical at first and we tried MicroLife on a very limited trial basis. It was a stiff test and we used it on our toughest ground…Due to positive results we expanded the trials…We did a number of side-by-side tests…but always felt that MicroLife gave better results and as a result we achieved better vine vigor.”

- Kern County Table Grape Grower