An important method for applying nutrients, Foliars help correct crop deficiencies and toxicities quickly

One aspect of crop fertility that often gets overlooked is the foliar application of nutrients.  This important method for applying nutrients for a healthy crop is how San Joaquin Fertilizer first got its start.  All successful foliar programs start with plant tissue sampling and the examination of what nutrients might be deficient or in overabundance in your crops.  The biggest benefit of foliar crop nutrition is that with the right blend of products the nutrients can be readily absorbed through the plant tissues, thus correcting any deficiencies or toxicities very quickly.  Most of these corrections can be made with small amounts of product making loading and applications easier.  In some soils there may be issues that are stopping or slowing the absorption of nutrients through the roots.  Foliar nutrients can give growers another avenue to apply valuable nutrients in order to maximize productivity.  Many foliar products are compatible with pesticides that you may need to apply to your crops.  This helps to save you money because you can make one pass through your fields and apply both crop protection products and plant nutrients.  At San Joaquin Fertilizer we can help put together a custom foliar fertilizer program specifically for your crops.  All of our products are EDTA chelated and water soluble for better absorption and compatibility. 

Some of the products we offer are:

Specialty Foliars

  • Nut Champ 2-4-4+Molasses – Nut champ is a great foliar that can be applied at pink bud or bloom on almonds.  The readily available N-P-K nutrients are great for trees coming out of dormancy and the molasses is an outstanding bee attractant that will help keep your expensive investment in pollinators in your orchard where they belong.

Water Soluble N-P-K

  • PREMIUM 20-20-20+TE
  • PREMIUM 4-15-43+TE
  • PREMIUM 12-26-26+TE
  • PREMIUM 6-30-30+TE
  • PREMIUM 0-52-34+TE

Water Soluble Micronutrients EDTA

  • MICRODRY Calcium (Ca), 10%
  • MICRODRY Copper (Cu), 15%
  • MICRODRY Iron (Fe), 13%
  • MICRODRY Magnesium (Mg), 6%
  • MICRODRY Zinc (Zn), 15%
  • MICRODRY Manganese (Mn), 13%

Liquid EDTA Micronutrients

  • TRACE-IN Ca (Calcium), 5-0-0 + 3% EDTA Calcium
  • TRACE-IN Cu (Copper), 5-0-0 + 5% EDTA Copper
  • TRACE-IN Ca (Calcium), 5-0-0 + 3% EDTA Calcium
  • TRACE-IN Cu (Copper), 5-0-0 + 5% EDTA Copper
  • TRACE-IN Fe (Iron), 5-0-0 + 4.5% EDTA Iron
  • TRACE-IN Mg (Magnesium), 5-0-0 + 2.5% EDTA Magnesium
  • TRACE-IN Mn (Manganese), 5-0-0 +5% EDTA Manganese
  • TRACE-IN Zn (Zinc), 9-0-0 + 9% EDTA Zinc

ORGANIC, Liquid Micronutrients

  • BIO-TRACE Ca (Calcium), 1.9-0-0 + 6% Complexed Calcium
  • BIO-TRACE Cu (Copper), 1-0-0 + 5% Complexed Copper
  • BIO-TRACE Fe (Iron), 1-0-0 + 5% Complexed Iron
  • BIO-TRACE Mg (Magnesium), 0.5-0-0 + 4% Complexed Magnesium
  • BIO-TRACE Mn (Manganese), 1-0-0 + 5% Complexed Manganese
  • BIO-TRACE Zn (Zinc), 1-0-0 + 8% Complexed Zinc

 What our customers are saying...

“I have used MicroLife on my customers vegetable and citrus crops for the last ten years, with great success.”

- Central Coast Crop Consultant