A small focus can yield big results. MicroLife is a proprietary liquid formulation of specific ingredients offering great utilization on crops that are struggling to grow in soils with high nematode populations.

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Safe for you. Safe for them. ML PLUS is similar to MicroLife, however this product is allowed for use on Organic Operations. ML PLUS is an outstanding product for your organic crops.

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One aspect of crop fertility that often gets overlooked is the foliar application of nutrients. This important method for applying nutrients for a healthy crop is how San Joaquin Fertilizer first got its start.

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Liquid Fertilizers

Every responsible and successful fertilizer program begins with analyzing soil samples to understand your soils nutrient levels. We can help you understand what’s going on in your soil and tailor a specific plan that will benefit your crops.

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Humic Acid

Maximum yield potentials are not attainable without balanced soil and crop nutrition. Healthy crops have a greater ability to defend themselves from disease, pests, and stress.

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Soil Amendments

Dry soil amendments play a vital role in soil structure, health, and production. A well-balanced, healthy soil is a great foundation for growing the best crops possible and maximizing your yields.

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 What our customers are saying...

“I will admit I was skeptical at first and we tried MicroLife on a very limited trial basis. It was a stiff test and we used it on our toughest ground…Due to positive results we expanded the trials…We did a number of side-by-side tests…but always felt that MicroLife gave better results and as a result we achieved better vine vigor.”

- Kern County Table Grape Grower