San Joaquin Fertilizer believes your farm is your livelihood. We can help treat it with attention and accountability!

San Joaquin Fertilizer is a family owned and operated business that planted its roots in 1998. As a farming family, we have a unique understanding of what it takes to help you, our fellow growers, achieve maximum yields and returns. We believe your farm is your livelihood and it needs to be treated with attention and accountability. In a world that’s constantly changing there are certain things that never do. With honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service we will meet you face-to-face and shake your hand, get our boots dirty, and give professional agronomic advice that always puts your business at the forefront of our business. We manufacture and distribute our proprietary products, MicroLife and ML PLUS, to growers throughout some of the world’s most fertile growing regions. Our products and expertise can be applied to all crops in any growing region. We can provide you with results you can be proud of, whether you grow trees, vines, or row crops. Please take a look at our products to learn more about MicroLife and ML PLUS and how they can benefit your farm. Contact us today for your crop fertility needs!

 What our customers are saying...

“I will admit I was skeptical at first and we tried MicroLife on a very limited trial basis. It was a stiff test and we used it on our toughest ground…Due to positive results we expanded the trials…We did a number of side-by-side tests…but always felt that MicroLife gave better results and as a result we achieved better vine vigor.”

- Kern County Table Grape Grower